Persistent World Reincarnation

Everything you need to reincarnate your character!

So your character is dead and you are interested in reincarnation. You've come to the right place! You can click below to quickly find out what your character comes back as or roll on the tables if you prefer rolling dice. Either way, a DM witness is required to make it official. Good luck!

Click here to find out what you will be reincarnated as!

Roll on this table first to determine your main race. If applicable, roll on further tables as instructed.

d100 Race Next Table
1-13 Human NA
14-26 Dwarf Dwarf Subrace
27-39 Elf Elf Subrace
40-52 Halfling Halfling Subrace
53-56 Dragonborn Dragonborn Subrace
57-60 Gnome Gnome Subrace
61-64 Half-Elf NA
65-68 Half-Orc NA
69-72 Tiefling Tiefling Subrace
73 Aarakocra NA
74-75 Genasi Genasi Subrace
76-78 Aasimar Aasimar Subrace
79-81 Firbolg NA
82-87 Goliath NA
88 Kalashtar NA
89 Kenku NA
90-91 Warforged NA
92-94 Tabaxi NA
95-97 Triton NA
98-99 Monstrous Monstrous Subrace
100 Tortle NA

Next, if the race you rolled has a subrace roll on the appropriate table below to determine your final race:

Dwarf Subraces
d100 Subrace
1-45 Hill Dwarf
46-90 Mountain Dwarf
91-100 Duergar
Elf Subraces
d100 Subrace
1-40 High Elf
41-80 Wood Elf
81-91 Drow
92-94 Eladrin
95-97 Sea Elf
98-100 Shadar-Kai
Halfling Subraces
d100 Subrace
1-45 Lighfoot Halfling
46-90 Stout Halfling
91-100 Ghostwise Halfling
Aasimar Subraces
d100 Subrace
1-50 Protector Aasimar
51-80 Scourge Aasimar
81-100 Fallen Aasimar
Dragonborn Subraces
d100 Subrace
1-10 Black Dragonborn
11-20 Blue Dragonborn
21-30 Brass Dragonborn
31-40 Bronze Dragonborn
41-50 Copper Dragonborn
51-60 Gold Dragonborn
61-70 Green Dragonborn
71-80 Red Dragonborn
81-90 Silver Dragonborn
91-100 White Dragonborn
Gnome Subraces
d100 Subrace
1-45 Forest Gnome
46-90 Rock Gnome
91-100 Svirfneblin
Genasi Subraces
d100 Subrace
1-25 Air Genasi
26-50 Earth Genasi
51-75 Fire Genasi
76-100 Water Genasi
Monstrous Races
d100 Subrace
1-18 Goblin
19-33 Hobgoblin
34-39 Bugbear
39-40 Changeling
41-51 Shifter
52-66 Kobold
67-84 Orc
85-92 Yuan-Ti Pureblood
93-96 Githyanki
97-100 Githzerai
Tiefling Subraces
d100 Subrace
1-62 Tiefling
63-64 Baalzebul Tiefling
65-66 Dispater Tiefling
67-68 Fierna Tiefling
69-70 Glasya Tiefling
71-72 Levistus Tiefling
73-74 Mammon Tiefling
75-76 Mephistopheles Tiefling
77-79 Zariel Tiefling
80-81 Variant Tiefling - Devil's Tongue*
82-83 Variant Tiefling - Hellfire*
84 Variant Tiefling - Winged*
85-95 Feral Tiefling
96-97 Feral Tiefling - Devil's Tongue*
98-99 Feral Tiefling - Hellfire*
100 Feral Tiefling - Winged*

* replaces infernal legacy

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