Seabreeze plains

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General Details

Hex Name:
Seabreeze plains
Forest: Grassland

Description: These windswept plains contain stubborn few trees, but many an expanse of hardy grass. Traces of old buildings might once suggest there was a settlement here. Perhaps the violent sea storms the sweep across here, haven't always been the norm.


Seawind Glen: General Properties

Created By: Chris Knitl

Place Name:
Seawind Glen
Short Description:
the remains of a small farm town
Services Available:
Basic Gear, Weapons, Armour, Lodging, Stables, Food & Drink

Description: Freed by the influence of a pair of hags, this small coastal village is starting to rebuild and prosper once more. The aid of a young crystal dragon has been enlisted to hold back the undead. Rumors abound of vampiric influences in a fort in the swamp

Seawind Glen: Establishments

Name Short Description Full Description Status
Blackshrike Guild hall An outpost of the Blackshrike Vanguard built in an old church Built on the ruins of an ancient church, this guild hall boasts a sturdy stone entryway and gathering hall. New construction has expanded it beyond it's original grounds to feature boarding rooms and stables

Created by Chris Knitl


Seawind Glen: NPCs

Name Race Alignment Occupation Description Status
Commander Bumfolio Bronzebeard Dwarf Chaotic Good Forge Domain Cleric A Dwarf glassmaker and blacksmith

Bumfolio is the town blacksmith, who also makes fine window panes. After studying the arts of the Defenestator clan, He makes EZ-Break windows (DC0), regular windows (DC 10) and lead glass safety windows (DC18). All windows in this town are randomly one of these types. Bumfolio has now become the commander of the Blackshrike Vanguard in this town

Created by Chris Knitl

Father Gilbert Dillweed Human Lawful Good Priest Local priest of lathander

Father Dillweed is the local leader of the church of Lathander in Seawind Glen

Created by Chris Knitl


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