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Description: The pastoral land east of First Landing serve as a hinterland for the great city. Flat with only gentle rolling hills it is dotted by quaint villages and hamlets and cross crossed by roads and cart trails. Farms, orchards and pastors dominate the countryside and while woods are common they are generally cropped and well managed. Still adventure awaits bandits and outlaws hide in the out of the way places and beasts prey on plump sheep and sturdy cattle that the region is famous for.


Devon: General Properties

Created By: Michael Duke

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Short Description:
One of many small hamlets along the north road Devon is a collection of farm homes serviced by a blacksmith and local store.
Services Available:
Food & Drink, Basic Trades, Basic Gear

Description: A small but prosperous most of the homes decorated by flower boxes and gardens. Mostly wood houses with thatched roofs the house of farmer John Hurley stands out with brick walls and a slate roof. John lives there with his wife Mary, sons Eric and Caleb and daughter Margaery and his lucky pig Stewart whom he credits with his families good fortune. The general store owned and managed by Darlene Fairbarn and is opened on request selling basic goods and farming supplies ring the bell as she often works in her garden in the back. The blacksmith Amos the towns only half orc sends most of his day sharpening and repairing farm equipment but will relish the chance to repair and adventures armor or weapons. Food can be bought or bartered from the local farm families. If her broom is hung out of her cottage the widow Walker has beer for sale.

Devon: Establishments

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Devon: NPCs

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