Lake Morrona

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General Details

Hex Name:
Lake Morrona

Description: Lake Morrona is an inland lake that is fed by a tiny creek leading to the shore. As a result, the water is opaque with algae and minerals. In the center of the lake is a temple dedicated to the Goddess Eldath


Temple of Eldath: General Properties

Created By: Shannon Smith

Place Name:
Temple of Eldath
Short Description:
In the center of Lake Morrona is a stone building overtaken by vines that is the Temple of Eldath
Services Available:

Description: The temple of Eldarth is in the center of Lake Morrona, and is the central place of worship for Eldath, the goddess of springs, groves, waterfalls, and small bodies of water. Her symbol is the waterfall, and it is very prominent along with the designs of the temple itself. Inside the temple looks partly ruined with waterways free-flowing within the structure. The worshippers are usually druids and nature clerics.

Temple of Eldath: Establishments

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Temple of Eldath: NPCs

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