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General Details

Hex Name:
Forest: Grassland

Description: Site of the fortified city of the same name


Rifugo: General Properties

Created By: Charles Wotton

Place Name:
Short Description:
Founded as the fortress home for an order of paladins, the city is now split between two feuding families and their often dubious allies.
Services Available:
Gambling, Weapons, Advanced Trades, Regional Market, Research Assistance, Armour, Basic Trades, Mage Supply, Lodging, Advanced Gear, Medical, Stables, Food & Drink

Description: Generations ago a famous order of holy knights suffered a great defeat and retreated to this island to rebuild. And so they did, building a great fortified city and continuing to defeat their enemies (mind flayers) for years. But eventually they found that their enemies had weakened so much that they stopped coming, and so the knights began to live in peace. Two knights vied for grandmaster and the order split between them--one side, mainly dragonborn, taking the oath of conquest, the other, mainly tieflings, the oath of vengeance. The city remains divided between the two knightly houses, although only a few members of either house still become paladins. The city is governed by two consuls, one from each house. Old allies in the fights against illithid make for a smaller third house: githyanki. They have a sort of embassy in the city and while they aren’t always welcomed, they are tolerated and respected. Most of the more common folk in the city are human or elvish, although there are several more exotic, monster, species dwelling here too.

Rifugo: Establishments

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Rifugo: NPCs

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