Black Sand Isle

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General Details

Hex Name:
Black Sand Isle
Forest: Rocky Land

Description: An island entirely covered in black sand as fine as icing sugar floated out of The South Gate and crashed into the island of Rifugo. Earthquakes racked across both islands, and more earthquakes followed soon after as another island, this one a sphere of stone a mile across floating in from the plane of earth crashed onto what was formerly the beach of the black sand island, but is now the center of the much large center of the island of Rifugo.


The Ball: General Properties

Created By: Swiss Calavera

Place Name:
The Ball
Natural Feature
Not Set or Unknown
Short Description:
This almost perfectly spherical rock is pocked with occasional craters and mines, and a forest covers the top of it.
Services Available:

Description: This was a spherical island of rock floating through the plane of earth before it landed on this black sand isle. The sphere has its own gravity pulling fairly strongly to its center. It is a mile across, and its perfectly smooth surface is marked only with an occassional crater where it has collided with other islands in the plane of earth, a large mine, and a forest covering the top crest of the sphere. A single castle inhabited by a man known only as Terry sits at one edge of the forest.

The Ball: Establishments

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The Ball: NPCs

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