White Sand Isle

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General Details

Hex Name:
White Sand Isle
Mountain: Jungle

Description: A huge white sanded island floated out of The South Gate and crashed into the southern shore of Rifugo, a tropical forest stretches across most of the island, until a single curving over talon like mountain rises from what is now the new southern shore of Rifugo.


Griffon's Peak: General Properties

Created By: Swiss Calavera

Place Name:
Griffon's Peak
Natural Feature
Not Set or Unknown
Short Description:
This island gets its name from its shape, and the white sands covering the island giving it the appearance of a griffon's beak.
Services Available:

Description: This mountain only stretches up about 500 meters into the sky on the southern shore. The mountain has a fairly steady low slope leading to a curve that forms the beak of the island. It curves over the ocean to the south.

Griffon's Peak: Establishments

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Griffon's Peak: NPCs

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