Policies & Guidelines

We are an organization dedicated to making Toronto the most active, vibrant and welcoming D&D community in the world. By participating in any of our events or using any of our services you agree to the policies below.


D&D T.O. strives to deliver inclusive service regardless of heritage, education, beliefs, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental health, physical or cognitive capabilities, or socio-economic status. Any abuse or harassment based on these factors will not be tolerated. If an attendee is be being blatantly abusive or in any way discriminatory they will be asked to leave immediately and may be temporarily or permanently banned from the group. If you feel you are being abused or harassed please talk to an organizer or contact us here.

Respect Your Fellow Players

D&D only works well when you get along with the party you are playing with. Treat your fellow players and your DM with respect at all times. If you are having an issue with a players behaviour please talk to either your DM or an organizer so we can resolve the issue. As above, any abuse or harassment will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the group.

Gender Pronouns

  • We encourage all attendees to indicate their pronouns by writing them on their name tags at our events. If you are not comfortable displaying your pronouns you may leave them off.
  • We require all attendees to respect and use the pronouns indicated on attendees name tags.
Repeated, malicious or intentional mis-gendering will not be tolerated and should be reported to admin via email or PM to @torontodnd on our Discord server.

Respect The Venue

The venues that host our meetups should be treated with the same respect as our members. If there is a specific food and drink policy in effect the organizer will communicate it at the start of the session. If not stated it should be assumed that purchasing food or drink is encouraged but optional. Bringing outside food and drink in is prohibited. Refrain from any behaviour that negatively impacts the venue including being excessively messy or annoying other customers.


All games we play make use of the X-card system. An X-card is a tool to keep the content at the table safe for everyone. It is a card in the middle of the table with an X on it. Should someone feel uncomfortable at anytime, they can tap the X-card. The event host and other players will change the content, dial it back, or skip the scene. If somebody at your table makes use of the X-Card please respect their boundaries and follow the DMs lead.


Our group requires a pretty strict ratio of players to DMs. Additionally demand for our events is typically quite high. Because of this we have the following attendance policies in place:

  • Any attendee who is more than 15 minutes late without notifying admin may lose their seat, without a refund.
  • Any attendee who is more than 30 minutes late may lose their seat (without a refund) whether they have notified admin or not
  • Refund exceptions will be made on a case by case basis
  • To notify us that your are running late post a message to the #late channel on our Discord server. Please let us know what table you are playing at and how late you expect to be.


From time to time people will ask if they or a friend can sit at the table and watch the game. Generally speaking we do not allow spectators at our games for the following reasons:

  • Some of our venues have strict capacity limits and we cannot have more people at our events than we have accounted for.
  • Physical space can be tight as it is and we don't have room for more bodies at the table.
  • Some players have expressed discomfort at having spectators at the table.
We will not put players or venues in an uncomfortable situation by asking for exceptions to this policy at the event.

Refund Policy

We offer refunds to players that cancel 24 hours or more ahead of time. Player cancellations less than 24 hours ahead of an event's start time will only be eligible for a 50% refund when the seat is filled. Cancellations that result in the seat not being filled and no-shows will not be eligible for any refund. We reserve the right to deny refunds for any reason whatsoever. To get a refund:

  1. Cancel your seat on meetup: Go to the event page on meetup and update your RSVP to Not Attending. This releases the seat so others can take it. We will not refund your payment if this is not done.
  2. Submit a refund request here, or by selecting "Refund History" from your the drop-down at the top right of the screen. You will need to be logged in to do this. You will also need to have the transaction ID from your Paypal receipt. Refund requests can take a couple of days to process.


Any supplies provided by D&D (pens, pencils, dice, sourcebooks) are owned by the group and should be returned at the end of the session in the same condition as when you borrowed them.

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