Level 20 Night

High level one-shot play for experienced players!


Who's kidding who, we almost never get our characters to level 20. This night allows you to create a level 20 character and go on an epic one-shot adventure. Want to slay a god? Maybe hunt a Tarrasque? This night is for you. A few important things to keep in mind:

  • This is not an event for beginners.
  • When creating characters you can use the standard rules and sources from the PW player’s guide with one exception: all stats need to be standard array or point buy. No rolling for stats.
  • It is expected that you will:
    1. Arrive with a character made and completely finalized. No finishing your character at the table.
    2. Know how your character works. Of course there will be some things you will need to look up, but be prepared to do so and bring any references you need.
  • During combat there will be a 30 second time limit placed on a player’s turn to commit to a course of action. Your whole turn doesn’t need to be finished by then, but you need to know what you are doing and do it in a reasonable time frame. If you haven’t decided what spell to cast in time you may miss your turn. There is of course wiggle room at the DMs discretion, but please do try to keep the game moving!
  • Your character can show up with one legendary magic item, one very rare and two rare. If you want to trade any of these in for lower level items knock yourself out.
  • It is preferred that you don't pick any magic items that summon things because combat turns will already be long enough without adding extra combatants to keep track of. If you are set on this idea please ask for permission from your DM first.
  • You can spend up to 10,000 gold to spend on mundane items, spell components etc to bring to the session.

What to Expect

When you arrive at the venue our host will provide you with a name tag, give you the lay of the land and help you find your table. When your table is full your game will begin!

If you are new to our events you do not have to bring anything other than a can-do attitude and a desire to have fun! We will have pre-generated characters, dice, pencils and the like on hand. If you have played in our events before be sure to bring your registered character with you.

Important Details

Unless otherwise specified:

  • The venues we play at are usually fully licensed establishments with proper food and drink menus. They are donating their space to us so please treat them right, buy something to eat or drink and don't forget to tip your server. No outside food or drink please!
  • In order to discourage no-shows there is a $10.00 charge for all most events payable in advance via PayPal. This will be processed when you RSVP via meetup.
  • These are 19+ events. If you are a minor or a parent who wants to bring a minor please reach out to admin@torontodnd.com to see if an accommodation can be made.

Upcoming Level 20 Night Events:

All of our events typically fill up ahead of time, so RSVP early to make sure you get a spot!

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