Want to bring in an expert DM to run a game for you? Maybe you need somebody to help you learn the game or maybe you want an expert to help at your party, we got you covered no matter what!


If you are looking to have a professional DM come out and run a private D&D game for you we can help! Maybe you and your friends want to get together and go on a specific adventure, or maybe you want to give your child an amazing adventure for their birthday. Maybe you want to reward some of your team members with a fun afternoon activity. Whatever your reason, if you want a customized and private session with an experienced and sociable DM let us know and we can get you all set up in no time.

Mark Chandler

I love bringing new players into the game with exciting grid based combat and lots of silly voices

Mark Chandler

I love bringing new players into the game with exciting grid based combat and lots of silly voices

Mark Chandler

I love bringing new players into the game with exciting grid based combat and lots of silly voices

What to Expect

After our initial contact we will send you a short form to complete that will help us identify what type of adventure your party would get the most out of. Once we have that in hand we can confirm the date, time and location you are looking for and get you matched with a DM.

Your DM will get in touch via email with you prior to the date in order to determine what characters you will be playing (you can roll your own or we can help you create one) and work out any special requests you might have.

On the night of your game your DM will meet you at the approved location 15 minutes prior to the official start time and make sure you are familiar with and agree to our house rules. After that your adventure begins!

Experience Requirements

Absolutely none! It doesn't matter if your players have no idea what they are doing or if they have been playing for 30 years, our DMs know how to run a game that you will love. If we get to teach yopu how to play on the way we view that as a bonus, we love bringing new players in to the game!

What to bring

You don’t have to bring a thing, our DM will work everything out ahead of time so you can just show up and play. Of course if you want to bring your own character or your lucky dice you are more than welcome to!


Your Place:
We are happy to come to you anywhere in the GTA, but travel costs may apply outside of Toronto proper.
Our Local:
If you would like to play in a licensed establishment we can arrange a private room at one of our regular pubs. No additional cost applies, but the venue would appreciate it if you bought some thing to eat/drink.
Non-licensed Room:
We can arrange for a private room. You can bring your own food and drink if you like. This will usually be somebody’s home or condo party room etc.


Our standard pricing includes travel within downtown Toronto, all materials you will need to play, our DMs time (including prep)

Full Session:
$130 for 4 hours, up to 6 players
Mini Session:
$100 for 3 hours, up to 4 players

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