Host Guide - An Evening of Adventure


Hello, and thank you for hosting this Evening of Adventure for TorontoDnD! This document will go over the process we currently use for hosting these events. The host responsibilities for the event can be divided into 4 major parts:

  1. Event Setup
  2. Welcome Attendees
  3. Kickoff Checks
  4. End of Night

Step One - Event Setup

Before the event starts there are a few things you will need to get prepared. This should only take a few minutes, but it is a good idea to be at the venue 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

First off it is a good idea to introduce yourself to a representative from the venue to make sure that everything is good on their end and confirm what tables are reserved for our use. Next find an area in a conspicuous place you can use and put the following materials out for the players and DMs:

  • Copies of our Policies & Guideline
  • Log sheets
  • Level 1 Pregens
  • X-Cards
  • Sets of dice
  • Loaner pencils
  • Dice trays
  • Battlemats & Dry Erase markers
  • A copy of the Player’s Handbook
  • Merch standee (if included in the kit)

Participants are free to keep copies of the policy document and their character sheets, everything else other than purchased merch should be returned before the end of the night.

You should also decide what tables the DMs are going to be seated at so you can direct players to the appropriate level table as they arrive. The level each DM is running should be listed on the DM schedule page here.

Step Two - Welcome Attendees

As attendees arrive make sure that:

  • Everybody gets a name badge, you can have them fill it out themselves. Although in some cases it may seem like overkill for regular participants, everybody having name badges can help level the playing field and make newcomers feel more comfortable.
  • Ask them if they are new to our group. If they have never been to one of our events ask them to review our policy document.
  • Let them know that they are free to borrow dice, pencils etc. Also let them know that if they would like to keep a set of dice they can do so for $5.00. Totally optional, and they can decide at any time during the evening. If anybody does buy dice just put the $5.00 in the merch envelope in the provided event folder.
  • If this event is an Open Table event: Ask them what level they would ideally like to play and send them to the appropriate table. Note that tables are currently filled on a first come first serve basis. It is possible that some players may not end up playing the level they want. Do your best to balance things based on what the players want, but it’s fine to tell players that they will have to sit at a different table. Players who are new to the game should always be seated at the lowest table level possible.
  • If this event is a regular event: Direct the players to the table they signed up for. If there is any confusion you can log on to the meetup platform to see who is registered for each table.

If the guests have any questions answer them as best as you can, deferring game play discussions to the DMs.

Probably the most important part of this is to make sure that they feel welcome and comfortable. Let them know that they may borrow supplies (dice & pencils etc) and that if they have any concerns they can talk to you. If they are new to the game let them know that they will be getting a barrage of information tonight and it’s okay that they aren’t going to absorb it all, the DMs will help them through everything.

Step Three - Kickoff Check

As tables are ready to start playing confirm that everybody present has read our policies & guidelines document as we take everything on it quite seriously. Assuming they have let them know that if they need anything or have any issues during the event that they can come talk to you. Remind them to have fun and let them play!

The above can be done once for the whole group or you can do it table by table as they are ready to play.

Step Four - End of Night

As the night winds down check in with the DMs to see if they had any issues or concerns about the event including the venue, the players etc. Please compile any important feedback and send it to

If we are low on any supplies in the kit please let the admin team know via email. Specifically, if anything is below the minimums set out below:

  • 20 log sheets.
  • 20 level 1 pregens
  • 10 policy documents
  • 10 sets of dice
  • 1 usable X-card per table at the venue
  • 1 dice tray per table at the venue
  • 1 copy of the PHB
  • 2 Battlemats
  • 5 dry erase markers
  • 20 pencils
  • 1 pencil sharpener

If you received any money for dice or other merch during the night please put it in the provided envelope in the event folder. Please pack all the supplies back into the kit and return it to the venue staff or the place you found it on arrival.

That’s it. You’re done! Thanks for hosting, we literally could not do this without you!

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